Van Gogh Exhibit Comes to Nashville

Nashville will soon be getting a new art exhibit. It will bring the works of Van Gogh to life in an immersive virtual experience. The exhibit will allow everyone to walk through animated images of Van Goghs work. It will display all the amazing colors and details of each piece.

The entire experience is around an hour long and feature 500,000 cubic feet of projections. There are also 60,600 frames of video, adding up to 90 million pixels.

Hundreds of thousands around the country have seen the exhibit. There has been no confirmation as to exactly when the exhibit will open its doors in Nashville. Official however say it is coming soon to the heart of Nashville.  

There have also been Covid measures taken to ensure everyone’s safety. There are social distancing circles on the floors of the gallery and hand sanitizer stations.

For those that would like to learn more about the exhibit and when they can visit click here!