$137k Raised to Save Exit/In

The mission to save Nashville’s historic Exit/In has been recognized around the world. Its not just locals, but musical artists, record labels, producers and plenty of tourists have all pooled together their support to try and save this Nashville landmark.

A GoFundMe made for this cause has raised more than $137,000. This coming from thousands of donors who want to see the Exit/In stay. The money is being raised in efforts to buy it back from a luxury hotel developer. The property has gone under contract to the development company but there are hopes by everyone that they will sell the Exit/In back to the people that have cared for it for so long.

Chris and Telisha Cobb are those people. As the current lease holders and owner of the club they are at the forefront of this battle. The couple says they plan on hold concerts and large gathering again like they used to as soon as it is safe to do so.

The fight has also gained the attention of high-profile people around Nashville. Mayor John Cooper took to social media to express his support for the preservation of the Exit/In. He said he hopes that the developers will do what is right and that there can be more protection of historical sites around the city.

However, if these efforts to purchase back the property fail Cobb says that the money raised from the GoFundMe will be donated to other preservation efforts of historically significant sites around the city.  

To help save the Exit/In click here to donate to their GoFundMe.