Shake Shack Opening in Franklin this Summer

Franklin get ready! This summer the popular burger chain Shake Shack will be opening near you. Shake Shack has just announced that this upcoming summer there are plans to open up another store for all those who live in Franklin to enjoy. There hasn’t been any confirmed opening date yet but what is known is where the new location is going to be. It will be located in an apartment and business development site known as McEwen Northside. It sits right off Aspen Grove Drive.   

This location will also feature a walk-up window for takeout orders. This take out window can also be a stop when you’re walking your furry best friend and want them to have a treat as well. Shake Shack will be offering “Pooch-inis”. This delicious treat for your four-legged family member is a vanilla custard topped with Shake Shack’s dog biscuitsSo, this means that even the dogs that call Franklin home have something to look forward to this this summer. 

Serving their famous burgers, fries and more. They also have options for those that are vegetarian and don’t eat meat. Like their portabella mushroom burger, that is as filling as it is healthy. Shake Shack will also be serving up beer from local breweries in the area. Last but certainly not least are the shakes. Offering a variety of shake flavors and combinations.