Justin Timberlake Opening New Three-story Restaurant

Justin Timberlake is set to open his new three-story restaurant in Nashville next month. The singer songwriter isn’t opening this amazing experience on his own. He is partnering with famous Arizona restaurateur Sam Fox. Together the duo on April 14 will introduce their new creation the Twelve Thirty Club. Being called a collision between modern dinning, and entertainment the two are hoping to bring an exciting nightlife experience to the city. 

The first of three levels will feature cold beers from local brewers and simple cocktails. There will also be live music playing seven nights a week for local enjoymentThe second floor is more of a cocktail lounge. Fitting around 50-people they will be offering elevated cocktails and small bites to eat.  

The crown jewel of the entire restaurant is the top floor. Seating 400 people it has been deemed the Supper Club. Designed specifically to be unforgettable it offers a one-of-a-kind drinking and dining experience. Fit with a stage that will feature live music that is aimed to fill your heart and the room with soul. There is also an outstanding view of the city from the rooftop terrace of the club. Designed with the night time scene in mind there are lush green plants and fire pits available to ensure a positive outdoor night time experience. The live music performances on the top floor will be from a list of new and up and coming artists, superstar musical talentand famous DJs. All of these musical performances will be curated by Timberlake himself. Which should make for some amazing entertainment seeing as he has some of the best musical taste you can find.   

Timberlake has opened restaurants before. Opening Southern Hospitality, a Memphis style barbecue place in New York. This is where Timberlake and Fox were spotted together supposedly sharing different recipes and restaurant ideas.   

Fox is well versed and experienced when it comes to opening up successful clubs and restaurants. He is a 12-time James Beard award nominee and founder of Fox Restaurant Concepts.  

Together the two will try to emulate their past success again with the Twelve Thirty Club. From how it has been described it looks like in a few weeks they will do just that. To find out more visit their website.