Yorkie and Owner Reunited!

Around 13 years ago Veterinarian Karen Fox, and her family had their beloved Yorkie Connor stolen out of their lives. The dog was taken straight out of her front yard while her then teenage son watched from the kitchen window. The dog thief fled the scene with Connor, driving a bright red pickup truck. Karen and her son tried their best to follow and catch up to the truck but ultimately lost him. Thtwo were never able to find the truck or their Yorkie which had been a part of the family for two years already. For years the family searched for the red pickup truck, and the stolen Yorkie. Their efforts would yield no positive results. 

Then thanks to the microchip that Connor had implanted, Karen got a call saying he had been found. The call from Metro Nashville Animal Control finally gave the family the happy ending they deserved to a story that started off so tragic more than a decade before. Karen was reunited the day after she got the phone call and was filled with joy. After all this time the now 16-year-old Connor still recognized his long-lost owner. Connor walked up to Karen and licked her face. The long-lost pooch after 13 years is enjoying life back at home with the family who lost him years ago but never stopped loving him.