Vanderbilt to Raise $300 Million for Athletics

The Vandy Fund was launched bVanderbilt on Monday to help raise funds to invest in the student athlete programs and athletic facilitiesThe goal is to raise $300 million dollars in total. There has already been $200 million dollars raised since this campaign initially stared in the fall. The first $100 million comes from the University itself. Another $90 million has been raised by private anonymous donors. The last 10 million came from the John R. Imgram, a Board of Trusted members and longtime backer of Vanderbilt athletics 

For the last $100 million Vanderbilt is turning to is looking to the university community for support. This fund will address many different aspects of the athletic teams’ programs and facilities of Vanderbilt. The goal is to improve the student athlete experience as well as improve the experience of fans. The specific improvements that want to be made are to the Football Operations Center, expanding McGugin Center, indoor Football Practice Facility, Basketball operations Center, and upgraded Stadium Fan experience 

Vanderbilt has partnered with Perkins & Will on the strategic detailed planning phase of the facilities development. They also hired a master architect named Populus. Populus is an award-winning architectural firm. The specialize in making environments centered around drawing communities of people together. The firm has also designed venues for the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cups, and Olympic Games.  

Vanderbilt plans to start construction on their Basketball and Football improvements later on in 2021.  

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