Kate Johnson

My name is Kate Johnson. I’ve known Mark for about 15 and a half years, and have worked for him on and off for the last 10 years. We have become more like family than the typical boss, employee relationship. I’ve had dinners at his house with his family. And he’s had dinners at my house with my family. I attend church with him and his family every Sunday. He has been more like a father to me than a boss. I can’t explain how much he has done for me, my children and my family. My Vegas is a great environment to work in. I can really be myself here. And it’s great to have a boss who has a open door policy. That I can come to with my work issues. He actually listens and will sit down and stop at nothing to help me find a solution. And it’s also a big thing that I feel safe working here. I trust Mark not only with my life, but with the life of my children. I first met him when I was a vendor at his bridal expo’s. after being a vendor for about 5 years. I started setting up the shows. Since then I’ve worked my way up in the company and am currently a marketing director for the Magazine. I can honestly say he is a good man, a family man. And a great businessman! I would recommend working here to anyone.