Gina Houts

I have worked in the Las Vegas community, both employed and self employed, for up to 20 years. I met Mark Shaffer more than 10 years ago. I watched Mark grow his profession in this community from inception to current. For as long as we both have been in business I have been a member and advertiser of his magazines. I am proud to say, that Mark Shaffer’s programs and advertisements are THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. Not only respected highly by myself, but by every other colleague in the industry that I work with. In my professional and personal opinion, Mark Shaffer and his entire professional team, are the best in Las Vegas and I am confident that without his publications and programs that I would not have the volume of lead base or clientele that I currently have. In today’s market, IT’S WHAT COUNTS THE MOST! Many thanks to the success of Mark One Media, you have certainly been the bridge to my own.