News 2 Team Helps Clean Up Park

The recent flooding in Nashville has left behind tons of trash. A lot of this trash now litters a lot of local community parks. There is so much trash left behind that normal park employees need help from volunteers desperately to help get everything back together.

Metro Parks supervisor Tim Love says that his staff has been working a lot of extra hours to clean up. Love has his work cut out for him. He manages over 30 parks around Nashville and must make sure each one gets restored back to its previous beauty.

He said that a restaurant supply company that was completely flooded had a lot of its content released into Mill Creek. The debris lined the banks of the creek and went into surround parks.

The trash is not just in the water it is hanging from the trees as well. Toilet paper and plastic bags are still being cleaned out the tree line.


On Friday there were 36 volunteers who suited up to help clean up Whitsett Park. Dozens and dozens of trash bags were filled by the volunteer crew. However even with the superb effort the crew put in there is still mountains of trash that still need to be picked up.

If you would like to help the clean up effort and organize your own park clean up, click here.