Nashville SC Home Opener Opponent Announced

Nashville SC Fans celebrating

On April 17 at Nissan Stadium the Nashville SC will face off against FC Cincinnati at 7:30 p.m. Iopening day wasn’t exciting enough for you it should be more than exciting now because of the rivalry between the two. Back in 2018 the two clubs played each other a total of 4 times in the USL championship season. The two teams battled every match they had against each other. Battling so hard that the first three times they ended in a draw. In the 4th game Cincinnati overtook Nashville beating them 6-5.  Last time the two clubs met however Cincinnati lost to Nashville 3-1 during MLS preseason in Florida 

Nashville over this off season made moves to help make their team and organization better. After resigning Eric Miller Tuesday, the Nashville right back said he thinks now that the team knows who their opponent is on opening day could help them have great success in the rest of their preseason games. He also thinks that the team will see much more success than it has in the past. Since the club has only won a total of 10 games in their first two seasons in MLS. 

To add to the excitement even more for the organization they plan to open up the doors to their new Stadium next year in 2022. According to the team’s site the new stadium will have enough seats for 30,00 fans, 7 premium areas, 27 suites, and a safe standing supporter’s section. They are also calling it the most concert ready venue in MLS. Season tickets, and suites are already on sale. Head to their site if you are looking to reserve your spot for next season.