Larry Kloess

Larry is a Nashville native whose love for the city and heart for its people drives him to cultivate relationships and lean into individual’s stories. As someone who also moved around quite a bit growing up, he understands the value of making a house a home. After graduating from Samford University with a psychology degree, Larry served his alma mater as an admission counselor for the greater Atlanta and Chicago areas, investing in the lives of students and their families. After the Nashville flood in 2010, he moved back to his hometown where he soon founded his own company, Cause A Scene, as a way to bring people together around a shared love of music and to build community throughout the city. Over the course of five years, Larry hosted over 250 shows and events throughout Nashville, all the while helping launch and further the careers of 700+ artists. He brings that same level of passion and enthusiasm for people, innovation, and service into the real estate industry, along with a deep level of commitment to performance that is true to his nature as a business owner.