Fun Uses for Temporary Tattoos

 Want a tattoo, but just for a night? That’s possible with temporary tattoos, which you rub on to your skin and transfer a design to it. You may have played with something like this as a child, giving you a colourful little image for your arm or leg. They’re not just for children any more, and the adult versions look just like a permanent tattoo, without having to live with it for the rest of your life, only a day or two. 

Once you know you can have a tattoo for a short time, lots of silly uses come to mind… 

Fancy dress parties 

Going to a fancy dress party as Cheryl Cole, Justin Timberlake or Amy Winehouse? Get some temporary tattoos that match their real ones and you’ll look a lot more like them, and cause quite a stir until people realize you didn’t like them enough to get permanently inked. I’ve known tribute acts for Robbie Williams and Amy Winehouse use temporary tattoos to keep up with the stars without having to adorn their own bodies forever more. If they’re good enough to pass muster on someone who tries to look like the real thing professionally, they’ll be more than good enough for a fancy dress party or two.


Not old enough to have a tattoo showing your love of your favourite singer? You can get a temporary design of their name or which matches one of theirs, just for wearing during a gig or at a festival to show everyone how much you like them. For bonus points, don’t tell your parents it’s easily removed until after they’ve seen it and jumped to all the wrong conclusions!

Hen parties 

If you have a theme for a hen party you’re going on, take some matching temporary tattoos with you so the whole group can get in the mood. If there’s no theme, some fun designs can give everyone a laugh, especially if you can base some of the designs around events in the bride-to-be’s life. 

Stag parties 

As with the hen parties, if you have a theme, temporary tattoos can add a nice touch which most don’t think of, and can help identify the group when the beer has been flowing freely. However, you may to prefer one stunt we’ve heard about – the friends got the groom-to-be thoroughly merry over the day of the stag. Once he was “as tired as a newt” and soundly snoring, they applied a prominent tattoo transfer to his neck, then left him to sleep. 

Next day, cue a horrified groom who’s got a massive hangover and a tattoo he doesn’t remember getting, and much hilarity among his equally hung over friends who are all trying not to tell him that he won’t have to explain the new decoration to his future wife after all. 

Evil tricks 

The most evil use we’ve heard for a temporary tattoo is when someone used one to convince his friend he’d got a tattoo, so his friend would get one too. His friend then got a permanent one, and was not impressed when it turned out our friend’s one came off. Our friend claims it wasn’t at all wrong, he was just helping someone who’d been talking about getting a tattoo for ages to get on and actually do it. Whether this is true or not, I think this is definitely a joke gone too far. 

With a bit of thought, I’m sure you can come up with some way of using a short-term tattoo in your life. Whatever that use is, try to make it a fun one!