Eric Dodd

Right from the heart of sunny Nashville, TN, you’ll find singer-songwriter, Eric Dodd. Born and raised in the small town of Greensboro, Georgia, Eric found his love for music when he was just 11 years old, after he picked up a guitar for the first time. At the time, he was a competitive golfer on his middle school team and would bank on getting home to play his favorites 90’s alternative rock music on guitar. In between cover jams, he found himself naturally writing songs about things going on in his life, including the classic high school crush song and the dramatic lost loves. Songwriting, today, has landed him in Music City, where he has been loving every moment he gets to write and perform. From opening for Zac Brown Band, to Old Dominion, to Jake Owen, and so much more, Eric has found his passion- 10 years later in the music business, and he is still going strong!  


Following teenage angst, he received a full golf scholarship to the Georgia College and State University, where he pursued a business degree while practicing and competing in tournaments weekly. When he wasn’t hitting par-4’s, Eric was jamming with his buddies every chance he had. Mornings were about golf, and nights were all about music. Between the two, let’s say if there was ever a need to pick just one, music would win – no doubt about it. Playing music and writing songs became his passion in life, and he knew he had to fight for it. But, not on his current path. Persistence and passion are what led him to the next chapter of his life- Athens. Regrettably, not Greece.  


The balancing act wouldn’t work forever. So, he packed up his guitar and went to study music business at the University of Georgia, minutes from downtown Athens, GA. If he was going to go for it, he needed to learn the tricks of the trade. Athens was and remains a big music scene, with artists showing up out of the woodwork every day, and this was the perfect place for him to learn what it takes to be an artist. He continued to write music religiously and started to make his mark in his new stomping grounds. He added that, “Every day is different and exciting, but my main goal is making a positive impact on people’s life.” 


Following graduation from college, Dodd hit the road in a 12-passenger van playing 200 shows a year and loving every moment of it. He played everywhere; from colleges, bars, music halls, anywhere he had the chance. Eric seems to have the natural performer gene running through his veins, and it’s working well for him. Crowds fall in love with his before his set is even finished. He takes over any stage and performs, something country artists know a thing or two about, with the perfect amount of love and intensity in his songs. Not too much sweetness, and some raspy soul to go on top. He has his sound figured out, his lyrics, and now he just needed his big break.  


It must have been the need or want to write music surrounded by the best country music stars in the nation that led him to Nashville. Or, maybe, it was the fantastic whiskey bars. Nevertheless, in March of 2018, Eric was officially signed to Gasworks Entertainment, founded by Jeffrey Gaccione, and has been an actual steam train ever since. Writing as many songs as 150 a year, Eric finds the help of a team of about dozen writers in Nashville to create magic on the page for him take to the studio and stage. He enjoys playing shows with his band every chance he gets, and also really enjoys the unplugged solo acoustic performances, as he is all about an intimate atmosphere. He humbly states that he aims to, “change people’s lives through music,” and he is doing just that. 


A driving force in his life has been his wife, Anna. She has been a part of Eric’s life since high school. Yes – the high school love story did come true for this country star! She is his rock and had quite a large part in creating Eric’s first music video for the song, “The Reason,” that came out in June of 2018. This music video can be found on the normal streaming sites, as well as on CMT Artist Discovery, which he has been chosen for not once, but twice in the last couple of years. The music video is sweet and soft, while also being wholesome and respectful to the love of his life. He praised that not only the song, but the video truly highlights what he loves about her, and we all cried.  


Over the past year, Eric has continued the road that has already earned him much success. His music video for the Reason has upwards of 90,000 views, as well as this particular song has landed him over 3 million streams. In June 2019, a new opportunity landed in his lap that was impossible to refuse. Eric’s wife, Anna, is an oncology nurse and had a patient, Laura Birdwell that ended up becoming a very close friend. Laura and Anna become even closer after Laura was a patient and began having double dates with her boyfriend and Eric. It turns out Laura’s boyfriend is Raymundo, the Audio Producer for the Bobby Bones Show. Serendipitously, Ray wanted to do a song with him after hearing his songs, and of course, Eric obliged. Ray and Laura aka BAE came up with the title, and they ran with it: Baecation 


The song ended up being a fun, feel-good, summertime love song that you can’t help but love. The song features Raymundo, with his effortless humor, as well as Kelleigh Bannen, who gained traffic after her hit single, Famous, in 2014. The video also featured Ray’s girlfriend, Laura! After letting Bobby Bones have a listen, it was playing on over 40 radio markets, and most importantly, in Nashville. Also, mentioned in the song is White Claw, the famous new alcoholic seltzer that is dominating social media at the moment. White Claw got wind of the song and was ecstatic to partner with the gang for the music video. The music video just hit streaming sites on August 13th, so don’t forget to watch on Youtube or Vevo.  


Eric is dominating the country world one song at a time. His passion for bringing positivity has already brought him success in more meanings than one. He has a beautiful wife, a hit song, an adorable fur baby, and a crowd of fans that can’t wait for his next single. This upcoming year is going to be filled to the brim with performances, new songs, and hopefully, some new fans! Check out his music and videos on all streaming sites: Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, GooglePlay, and iHeart 


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