Cool Business Gadgets

Let’s be honest, we spend a good majority of the day at our office desks; so why wouldn’t we want to spruce them up and make them as comfortable and convenient as possible. With these awesome office gadgets, you can make your desk your home away from home. 

Whenever there is a little downtime it’s nice to just kick back and relax. Try using an under the desk hammock. They adjust too so you can either just prop up your feet a little bit or use it to lay back and relax. 

Everyone needs a little coffee or tea in their lives, but how many times have you gotten distracted, and let your beverage get cold. Well that will no longer happen with a USB heating and cooling beverage pad!

Why not try improving your scenery? A cute little DIY Bonsai kit will not only make your office beautiful, but it will also provide you with some much-needed stress relief.

 At times it can be hard to keep your desk nice and clean. Especially if that is where you choose to eat your lunch. A little mini desk vacuum is the perfect way to keep things spic and span. 

A good way to make your office feel a little more at home is a nifty USB fish tank. Who doesn’t need a cute little pet in their lives? Plus, if you get stressed out you can take a breather and watch the little guys swim.

One of the big problems we face, especially with a smaller desk is organization. Try getting a space organizer that will keep everything together in one space, so it’s not scattered around your entire desk. 

Sitting at a desk all day is not the best thing for us. So why not try getting a convertible standing desk. This way you can either sit or stand while you are doing your work. It also helps keep you nice and organized with all your devices. 

Last but not least, why not get yourself a mini desk fridge! With one of these babies you can keep your things from getting “accidently” taken from your coworkers, and keep your food away from the smelly company fridge. 

Working a long days work doesn’t have to be so hard anymore. With a few fun gizmos and gadgets, you can spruce up your office, and relax when your day gets a little too stressful.